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Starting August 2015,all incoming first year and transfer students who are International Business majors will be required to participate in a study abroad program for at least one semester (minimum of ten consecutive weeks).  Students may study abroad as soon as their second semester in their Sophomore year. 

Students may choose to study at the UIW European Study Center in Heidelberg, Germany and/or one of our many sister schools located in over 40 countries. 

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs):


Question Answer
When does the requirement take effect? Starting August 2015, all incoming freshman and transfer students who wish to earn a degree in International Business are required to spend a semester studying abroad.
If I entered the university prior to August 2015, does this requirement apply to me? No.  If you entered prior to August 2015 are not required to participate in a semester study abroad program; however, you are required to have an international experience per the previous catalogue.
If I am a transfer student and plan to enroll fall 2015 (or later), does this apply to me? Yes. Transfer students who enroll starting fall 2015 and beyond, who wish to earn a degree in Int'l Business, are required to spend a semester studying abroad.
What is the required duration of participation? One (1) academic semester (fall, spring or summer extended - must include summer I & II)
When can I participate? Students may participate as early as their second semester Sophomore year.  Students may not participate in their first or last semester at UIW.
What courses can I take? Students may take a variety of courses adhering to their degree plan.  Please talk to your academic adviser and Study Abroad Coordinator who will help you determine which courses are applicable to your degree plan.
When should I start planning? Students are strongly encouraged to start planning as soon as possible.  Early planning ensures a successful experience.   
Is there a degree plan?


International Business Majors may download the document.

Note: Degree plans are intended to be a resource for planning and guiding you in selecting the courses needed to be taken throughout your academic career at UIW.  However, degree plans DO NOT replace your academic advisor's advice. Always discuss your course selections, prior to registering, with your academic advisor in order to ensure you are taking the appropriate courses needed to graduate on time.  Early planning is essential.

How many times can I study abroad? Students may study abroad a maximum of 30 credit hours.
How much does it cost? Students will be responsible for tuition, housing, airfare, insurance, and other related expenses. Please visit with the Study Abroad Coordinator to discuss your budget.
Are there scholarships available? Yes.  Please visit with the Study Abroad Coordinator in order to further discuss available scholarships.
Are there any exceptions to the study abroad requirement?

We have made study abroad a required part of our curriculum because we believe it is integral to the International Business degree.  We expect every student who chooses this major to do so with the full understanding that study abroad is a requirement for graduation, and we will expect every student to fulfill it.

Nonetheless, we recognize that, in some cases, circumstances may arise that could preclude certain students from studying abroad, and we will have a system in place by which they may petition to have the requirement waived.

It bears repeating, however, that we expect every student to make a good-faith attempt. If you know you do not wish to study abroad, or if you have reason to believe from the outset that you will not be able to do so, it may be best for you to consider a major in which international study is not a degree requirement.


The University of the Incarnate Word is committed to providing access to high quality education to all of our students.  We encourage you to contact us and schedule a visit in order to discuss your academic and study abroad goals.

Contact Information:

Study Abroad Coordinator
Alanna Taylor
International Conference Center
Office F111
Business Advisor
Haley Ayres
HEB School of Business
Gorman Building
Office 107