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Who can receive writing tutoring?
Our services at the WLC are for current students taking undergraduate courses at UIW. You may come to the WLC to receive help on assignments for any of your UIW undergraduate courses. In addition, you may come in to discuss writing that is not for a particular class (e.g. scholarship essays, personal statements, etc.). If you need help with writing for a graduate course, you will need to visit the Graduate Support Center (

How much does tutoring cost?
There are no additional costs for tutoring; our services are included with your tuition.

Do I have to make an appointment?
At the WLC, we do accept walk-ins; however, we recommend you make an appointment ahead of time to ensure a tutor will be available. During busy times, such as midterms and finals, we highly encourage scheduling an appointment a few days in advance.

How do I schedule an appointment?
The best way to schedule a writing session is to either visit us in the Student Engagement Center in room 3167 or call us at 210-829-3870. Be ready to give your name, student ID number, information about your course/what you wish to work on, and the best times you are available. Alternatively, you can email this information to the WLC at to request an appointment.

What happens during the session?
You will work with the tutor to help expand ideas, incorporate research, identify errors, brainstorm, and ensure your work is well-organized and follows the prompt. If it is your first time coming to the WLC or Tutoring Services for the current semester, the tutor will have you sign a small sheet outlining the Tutoring Services/WLC policies and roles of tutors and tutees (see

Can I just drop off my paper to have it proofread?
You must be present and play an active role in the tutoring session. Since we are a tutoring service, our goal is to help you improve as a writer; therefore, we cannot simply edit or proofread your paper.

What if I have not written anything or started my paper yet?
Our tutors can help you with any part of the writing process, from brainstorming in the beginning to citing at the end. You are more than welcome to bring in whatever work or ideas you have so far.

How many appointments can I schedule?
You may schedule up to two writing sessions ahead of time. Once you attend a session, you are welcome to schedule additional appointments. You are welcome to schedule two hour-long appointments back-to-back. Educational research shows that extended sessions are not optimal for learning; therefore, we ask that you take a small 10-15 minute break after the first session.

How long are tutoring sessions?
Tutoring sessions are typically scheduled in one-hour blocks; however, you are welcome to schedule a thirty-minute session if an hour is not needed.

Can I make an appointment for my friend?
It is highly recommended that each student schedules his or her own appointment in order to easily confirm appointment times and answer any questions.

Can we schedule a group session?
Yes! Group sessions can be very helpful and enjoyable. Be ready to give each student's name, student ID number, information about your course/what you wish to work on, and the best times you are available. Note: If you are writing a group paper, it is ideal to have all members present. Because our focus is to help you improve your skills, our tutors can only help review the parts of the paper that were written by the group members who are present.

What should I bring to my tutoring session?
To get the most out of your session, please bring your syllabus, your professor's prompt, the assignment sheet, and any other information that you think is important for your work.

What if I am running late to my session?
Please notify us if you are running late, or the session may be released to other students 15 minutes after the start time.

How do I cancel an appointment?
To cancel or reschedule, you may call us at 210-829-3870, see us in person, or send us an email. Be ready to give your name, student ID number, and the appointment time/day. To make appointments available to other students, we ask that you give us at least two hours' notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Any session canceled without at least two hours' notice will be counted as a no-show.

What if I miss an appointment?
We ask that you give us at least two hours' notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, or you will be counted as a no-show. After five no-shows (including appointments with Tutoring Services), you will not be able to make appointments for the remainder of the semester; however, you will be able to drop in for writing sessions, as available.

Can I get tutoring outside of business hours?
We cannot refer any outside or private tutoring. All of our tutoring is done on campus during the WLC business hours. You can find our tutoring hours for the current semester on our homepage:

Can I print my paper?
Our printers may only be used for writing/tutoring sessions. You may print your paper before and/or after the session. If you have not had a tutoring session and you need to print your paper, you may go to the library or the Media Center.

Can I use the computers, even if I do not have a session?
Of course! You are more than welcome to use our computers. You can log into them using your UIW credentials (first part of UIW email and password).

Can I eat or drink in the WLC?
You are welcome to bring drinks with lids in the WLC. We ask that you please help us keep our space clean by not eating food inside the WLC.

How can I become a writing tutor?
We hire writing tutors who are motivated, responsible, and ready to guide UIW undergraduate students in improving their writing, regardless of the students' skill level. Working at the WLC will give you the chance to be a positive influence on students and to enhance your own writing and leadership skills. Students who would like to apply to become a writing tutor must have a 3.0 or higher GPA. To apply, please submit two faculty recommendations, a sample of your academic writing, an unofficial transcript, a resume, and a brief letter of intent. For more information, visit or contact the Director of Learning Support Services, Dr. Amanda Johnston, at or 210-805-5856.