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Intensive ESL classes at UIW are taught by ELS Language Centers, a division of Berlitz International.

Format of ESL on the UIW Campus

Criteria: UIW allows international students to enroll as full time students under the following conditions:

  • A TOEFL score of 79 or above for undergraduate students, or 83 or above for graduate students; or
  • Passing the UIW test in English as a Second Language; or
  • Successful completion ELS Level 109 for undergraduates or level 110 for graduates in the English for Academic Purposes program.

UIW ESL Test Description

  • English as a Second Language test, developed at UIW and administered to students, whose TOEFL scores are below 79 (UG) or 83 (G), upon their arrival at UIW.
  • Test is administered on a pre/post basis for diagnostic and assessment purposes to students who enroll in ESL coursework (see below).

UIW ESL Coursework


  • ESL coursework consists of multiple levels (101-112) offered by ELS.
  • Each level of intensive ESL is four weeks in length.
  • Thirteen sessions of the four-week format classes begin at UIW each year.
  • Each four-week session begins on a Monday.
  • Classes include conversation, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills.
  • Each class meets six and one-half hours per day, Monday-Thursday, and four hours on Friday mornings, for a total of thirty hours each week, or 120 hours each session.


  • International students will be given a placement test by ELS Language Centers, and then placed into the appropriate level.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of level 109 (undergraduates)/110 (graduates), international students will be authorized to enroll full-time in university courses.

Cost of Intensive ESL on the UIW Campus

  • The fee for each four-week intensive ESL session is US$1,730.00 plus $210.00 for admissions and book fees.
  • International students, including Sister School Exchange Students, are required to pay this fee. This is not tuition, but is rather, a fee charged for ESL.
  • This fee to be paid also applies to any other UIW dependent.
  • International students, whether in a UIW degree plan or not, pay the same fee.

Documentation of ESL Achievement for UIW Students

  • Grades are not given upon completion of ESL classes.
  • UIW Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation does not include any ESL class grades.
  • Students must successfully complete each level of ESL before progressing to the next level.
  • Certificates are awarded by ELS Language Centers for each level successfully complete.
  • A Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who successfully complete all nine levels of ESL.

Progression Through ESL on the UIW Campus

  • Undergraduate students in ELS levels 101-107 are permitted to take only ESL until they have successfully completed the equivalent of seven complete levels of ESL.
  • After having successfully completed ELS level seven, undergraduate students are allowed to take ELS levels eight and nine plus two (for level eight) or three (for level nine) academic courses in a degree plan during a fall or spring semester in order to maintain the twelve-hour academic course enrollment required to maintain a student visa.
  • Graduate students placed at level 107 or higher should meet with their academic advisor to determine university course registration. Some programs may require full-time ELS courses until completion of level 110. Others may choose to allow one or two courses.

Location of the ESL Program on the UIW Campus

  • ELS Language Centers is located in the center of the UIW campus, in Marian Hall.
  • Housing for ESL students is located on Marian Hall’s upper floor.
  • Food service for ESL students is located on level one of Marian Hall.
  • Marian Hall is the approximate geographic center of the UIW campus.