The Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy program is designed for individuals who have earned a Bachelor's degree from an accredited Institution, but have not yet earned a degree in physical therapy.This 33-month program combines didactic and clinical courses to educate students to be able to address patient and societal needs through a quality education, evidence-based decision making and a commitment to serving the underserved.

Courses within the School of Physical Therapy curriculum comply with all UIW academic policies and federal guidelines, including but not limited to: academic integreity, disability accomodations, pregnancy accomodations, Title IX non-discrimination, and class absences for religious observances. Current policy statements will be provided to all students through the learning management system, in information provided on the first day of class and may be found via the links provided here:

Academic integrity would bring them to this link

Disability accommodations and Pregnancy accommodations would bring them to this link

Title IX non-discrimination would bring them to this link

Class absences for religious observations would bring them to this link