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There are several scholarship opportunities available for existing Fashion Management students. Each spring students are encouraged to apply for competetive scholarships which are awarded in connection with The Cutting Edge Fiesta® Fashion Show. The list below is for example only. The actual scholarships available and amounts of award change annually.




Lila Bath Scholarship Up to $1,500
Preference, but not limited, to a Mexican National

Annemarie Walsh Endowed Scholarship Up to $1,000
Two $1,000 scholarships – 1 for Design and 1 for Merchandising.

Ruth Juren Scholarship Up to $2,675

The Cutting Edge Scholarship Up to $1,000



      • Qualifying students must be enrolled as full time students.
      • Eligible students must have an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or above.
        (Current transcript to be submitted – unofficial is acceptable).
      • Students must submit a current resume with all contact information.
      • Students must write a hypothetical thank you note for receiving one of the scholarships.
      • For consideration, students must submit an essay (no less than 350 words and no more than 500 words) discussing why they should be considered for the scholarship.  In addition, students should discuss accomplishments, awards and their future career goals.   
      • Complete the scholarship application. All information must be computer generated.
      • Turn in the following to the Fashion Management office:


        1. Application
        2. Transcript
        3. Resume
        4. Essay
        5. Thank you note (as if you were awarded a scholarship)