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The University of the Incarnate Word believes that all of our students, families and alumni should have access to the most information possible to help them make wise decisions about financing and repaying their education. So, we've partnered with the nonprofit American Student Assistance (ASA) on a unique, FREE program called $ALT to give our students and alumni the support they need before, during and after college.

What is $ALT? $ALT is a FREE game-changing educational membership program that equips students and alumni with money skills for life so that they reduce their student loan debt, improve student loan repayment outcomes, and increase their overall financial empowerment. Combining online and offline interactions, SALT delivers decision support, engaging content, and on-on-one loan repayment guidance in a simple, useful and motivating experience.

Again, this is a FREE service offered to UIW enrolled students and alumni. If you are interested in becoming a member of $ALT, go directly to If you have questions regarding $ALT and how it can benefit you, please visit the UIW Office of Financial Assistance or call $ALT member support at 855-469-2724.

UIW is excited to join the $ALT movement because we believe in the program's principles of financial education and empowerment to help address the issues of college affordability and student debt.

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