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Mission And Goals

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"The Honors Program encourages the development of a well-rounded student, one who appreciates the value of service, community and intellectual challenge."     --Cailyn  ('16 BS, Rehab Science) 




The UIW Honors Program offers open-minded, highly motivated students meaningful opportunities for self-development through an advanced curriculum and co-curricular activities that encourage intellectual curiosity, scholarship, and professionalism. The program is committed to developing conscientious, compassionate citizen-leaders who are able to engage thoughtfully with the complexity of the world and contribute to the common good.

Why Honors?

An with mentor Dr. GarnerBeyond the benefits and activities we describe here, Honors students build lifelong friendships through their academic work, extra- and co-curricular activities and social events.

Read our FAQs to find out why participating in an honors program is a smart thing to do.