Research Engagement

The Office of Research Development organizes research engagement activities to provide opportunities for UIW researchers to showcase their work, including the annual Research Week. We provide support for teams hosting conferences or academic events on campus. The ORD also offers a variety of research training opportunities for the UIW community. For more information on research engagement opportunities, please contact the Office of Research Development at (210) 805-3036.





 Grant Forward

  Join the Office of Research Development for a workshop on our      

  newly available funding search engine, GrantForward. The site was

 developed by a faculty researcher and is an intuitive search engine that features funding opportunities

from over 12,000 sponsors including foundations, federal & state agencies, academic & professional

societies, and associations. Learn how to build your researcher profile, conduct searches, create regular

grant alerts, and set up grant recommendations.

Dates Offered:

Wednesday, November 15 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Location: LIB 230

Please RSVP at