Research Engagement

The Office of Research Development organizes research engagement activities to provide opportunities for UIW researchers to showcase their work, including the annual Research Week. We provide support for teams hosting conferences or academic events on campus. The ORD also offers a variety of research training opportunities for the UIW community. For more information on research engagement opportunities, please contact the Office of Research Development at (210) 805-3036.



11th Annual Research Week 



A History of Mission Driven Scholarship

February 19-23, 2018

Student Engagement Center Ballroom 

Research Week Webpage


Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities  


Alcohol Research Training Summer School

Department of Psychological Sciences

University of Missouri

Application deadline: February 15, 2018


Solar physics REU program

 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Application deadline: February 15, 2018


The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

The University of Texas at Austin

Department of Psychology

Application deadline: February 15, 2018


 National Center for Toxicological Research (an FDA facility in Jefferson, AR)

For undergraduates in computer science, engineering, health sciences, mathematics, nanotechnology, physics, and other physical sciences

Application deadline: February 16, 2018


Summer REU program in advanced materials and manufacturing

 Wayne State University

Application deadline: February 16, 2018


Undergraduate research program in mathematics

Boise State University

Application deadline: March 15, 2018



Pathways to Science

Plant Science Research Network