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External Funding

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UIW's Proposal Submission Process 

 grant process at uiw

  1. Start searching for the right funds. If you need help, try the resources below or contact Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations or the Office of Research Development and we will help you to find a match.
  2. Submit a Preliminary Approval Form. Your dean or supervisor will need to sign this form, so make sure you've allowed time to meet and discuss the project.
  3.  If you need assistance writing the proposal, contact Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations as early as possible to make an appointment.
  4. Make an appointment with Grants Accounting to review your budget (even before you're ready to submit). This will help you save time later by identifying allowable or unallowable costs in advance.
  5. Review your submission documents. Even if we didn't help write the proposal, the staff in the Office of Research Development can review your documents and/or organize a peer or quality circle review. 
  6. Get ready to submit. Attach your submission packet to a completed Summary Approval Form and start with your dean. The form will require signatures from several offices, so please start the process no later than two weeks before your submission deadline. 

Grants Administration Offices



Contact Person


Office of Research Development

Dr. Ana Wandless-Hagendorf, CPRA

Research Officer 

(210) 805-3036



Full life-cycle assistance with:

  • Research and Regulatory compliance
  • Funding searches
  • Peer review 
Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations

Jon Gillespie


(210) 829-3948



Pre-Award assistance with:

  • Funding searches
  • Proposal writing
  • Preparing application for submission
Grants Accounting 

Michael Castilleja

Grants Accounting Manager

(210) 805-3571


Pre-Award assistance with:

  • Budget review
  • Explanation of allowable and unallowable costs

Post-Award assistance with:

  • Budget management 


 Search for Funding


Visit any of the links below to search for funding sources and calls for proposals which may meet your research interests and needs. For assistance with funding searches contact us.

 grant forward logo


GrantForward at www.grantforward.com is a search engine dedicated to helping institutions and individuals find grants to fund their research.

  • GrantForward covers more than 12,000 sponsor sources to provide a comprehensive database of more than 40,000 funding opportunities that continues to grow with the most up to date information. 
  • GrantForward’s powerful search system helps to lessen the hassle of searching for grants with adaptable search filters and specialized search features. 
  • GrantForward researcher profiles allow researchers to highlight their research achievements and interests to receive personalized grant recommendations for grant opportunities that match their research needs.

Create Your GrantForward Account and Researcher Profile

  • Start moving your research forward and create an account (see this QuickTip demo) to access GrantForward. In order to be able to take advantage of all of the features that GrantForward offers, you will have to create an account using your institution email address.
  • If you would like to benefit from receiving grant recommendations, then you will also need to make sure to create your researcher profile (see this QuickTip demo).

Useful Resources:







 Grants.gov is a centralized location for grant seekers to find federal funding opportunities. It includes a Grants Learning Center with information about the federal grants life-cycle, policies on grants management, and profiles on grant-making agencies.



Open Education Database






Open Education Database

 “100+ Places to Find Funding for Your Research”




 Office of Research Development 

Administration Building, Suite 1A

(210) 805-3036