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Resources for Researchers

Statistics Support


Statistics support for both faculty and students is provided by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Assistance is by appointment only. Appointment requests can be submitted via email. 


Dr. David Fike

Research Statistician


Dr. David Fike served full-time at UIW from 2008 to 2016 as a research statistician and professor. He taught courses in introductory/advanced statistics, survey research, and research analytics at UIW, and he has over 50 journal publications. He has also helped many UIW students and faculty develop scholarly documents including theses, dissertations and journal articles. His focus is on helping people be successful with quantitative research, especially those who are fearful of statistics or who have limited knowledge and experience.



Analytical Software for Researchers



Faculty Researchers

Faculty researchers who wish to access IBM SPSS (statistical analysis) can do so my downloading and connecting to SPSS through the UIW network or by first connecting to the UIW VPN and then accessing the UIW SPSS portal


Graduate, Doctoral & Professional Students

Graduate, doctoral, and professional students are provided access to LIB 103 and 105, two computer labs equipped with both IBM SPSS (statistical analysis) and QRS NVivo (qualitative analysis) to assist in supporting their research needs.  Additionally, doctoral students may access the Doctoral Study Room (LIB 233) to use these programs.  For information on how these rooms are to be used, see Graduate Computer Room Use Policy


Accessing IBM SPSS at UIW

To access SPSS from any computer connected to the UIW network, reference the guide to downloading and connecting to SPSS.


Accessing IBM SPSS Off-Campus

To access SPSS from your home or any off-campus computer, first make sure you are connected to the UIW VPN. Once you are connected, proceed as usual with downloading and connecting to SPSS.